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Benefits of Tea

[April 1, 2010]

'Bancha' for jump-starting your morning

'Bancha' has a light, simple taste and fragrance. A cup of hot Bancha in the morning will invigorate your mind and body.

'Hojicha' during a meal

The clean flavor of 'Hojicha' is perfect for greasy foods such as tempura or fried dishes. It makes the dish more delicious!

'Gyokuro' for a break

Refresh yourself with a cup of 'Gyokuro'! Its vivid color and unique aroma will recharge your energy.

Anti-carcinogenic effects of tea's catechin

It is scientifically proved that catechin, the main ingredient of tannin in teas, has anti-carcinogenic effects. The areas with a heavy consumption of teas are reported to have a lower mortality rate from cancer.

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