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Sightseeing in Uji City

[April 1, 2010]
Asagiri Bridge

Uji is famous for its magnificent scenery such as the time-honored Uji River as well as historic and cultural sites including the World Heritage "Ujigami-jinja shrine" and "Byodo-in."

Uji has always represented Japanese history - as the arena of battles, or the center of culture.

Historical remains spotted in the city express the spirit of the age, inviting us to the past to experience the history and culture vicariously.

Although Uji has historical sites, shrines and temples to visit, you can also customize your activities. For example, sightseeing by theme such as literature ("The Tale of Genji") or Uji Tea, or sport/recreation activities at Taiyogaoka or Amagase Forest Park would be fun.

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