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Insurance Premium

[April 1, 2010]

Insurance premiums are the critical revenue for the national health insurance which are allocated to your medical expenses. Please meet the payment deadline. A bank transfer is recommended to avoid default of payment. Visit the National Health Insurance Dept. or a designated financial institution with your health insurance card, bankbook, and the registered seal for application.

How to calculate insurance premiums

The total amount of the premium is allocated into the following categories, and the premium for each household is calculated by combining them together. Ask at the National Health Insurance Dept. for detailed premium rate, etc.

  • Per-income rate: Calculated on the insured household income
  • Per-capita rate: Calculated on the insured number for the household
  • Per-household rate: calculated per household

Delinquency of insurance premium

Reminder for overdue premiums will be sent, and a 'Short-term Health Insurance Card,' or 'Qualification Certificate' (all medical expenses should be temporarily covered by the individual) will be issued upon further delinquency. All or a part of the national health insurance benefit might be suspended for long-term delinquency.

In case you have difficulties with your payment

We will provide an installment option if you have difficulties with your payment. Please don't leave the payment overdue, and consult with us earlier.

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