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When you apply for or withdraw from national health insurance

[April 1, 2010]

You must notify the National Health Insurance Dept. within 14 days when you apply for or withdraw from the national health insurance. In case the following changes occur at your household, report to the National Health Insurance Dept. The items described in the parentheses below are required in the process. Bring the foreign resident registration card as well.

When you apply for national health insurance

Moving from other municipalities, (foreign resident registration card, passport)

Withdrawing from employee's health insurance, (certificate of withdrawal from employee's insurance)

When a child is born, (householder's health insurance card)

When you are disqualified for public assistance, (notice of suspension for public assistance)

When you withdraw from national health insurance

Moving out to other municipalities, (health insurance card, foreign resident registration card)

When you apply for employee's health insurance, (health insurance card, an employee's health insurance card)

When an insured person of national health insurance dies, (health insurance card)

When you start receiving public assistance (health insurance card, notice for starting public assistance)


Change of address in the same municipalities, (health insurance card)

Change of householder, name, (health insurance card)

Separation or merging of households, (health insurance card)

Lost health insurance card, (Identification e.g. foreign resident registration card)

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