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[April 1, 2010]

Collection schedule of waste

Collection schedule for waste varies by region in Uji City. Please check the schedule for waste disposal. Glass bottles, PET bottles, “Pla Mark”(plastic containers and packging), cans, paper cartons, newspapers/magazines/cardboards/old clothes are recyclable wastes. Observe the collection date respectively.

How to separate and dispose of waste

Burnable waste

Kitchen garbage (drain well before putting into a bag), paper waste, garden waste (within the 30 * 60 cm size), cigarettes ends, cooking oil, carpets (cut into 60 cm squares), disposable diapers, etc.

Unburnable waste

Metal ware, ceramic ware, small furniture (e.g. chairs), ashes, bicycles (put a "Trash" paper sign), glasses (put into a box or wrap in paper for safety), spray cans (empty them without punching a hole), etc.

How to separate and dispose of waste(re.pdf 4.3MB)

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