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Municipal Tax Deadline

[April 1, 2010]

Uji city encourages voluntary tax payments. Tax payers should pay their tax voluntarily by the specified deadline. A failure of payment leads to delinquency, and a collection fee and arrears; even property seizure may be imposed. We appreciate your tax payment in a timely manner.


Municipal Tax Deadline


1st qtr

2st qtr

3st qtr

4st qtr

Personal Municipal/Residential Tax (ordinary collection)

the end of Jun.

the end of Aug.

the end of Oct.

the end of Jan. of the next year

Property Tax/ City Planning Tax

the end of Apr

the end of Jul

on Jan. 4 of the next year

the end of Feb of the next year

Light Automobile Tax

the end of May




Personal Municipal/Residential Tax (special collection)

on the 10th of the next month

Corporate Municipal Tax (scheduled)

within 2 months after 6 months from the beginning of fiscal year

Corporate Municipal Tax (confirmed)

within 2 months on the last day of the fiscal year

Municipal cigarette Tax

the end of the next month

If the payment deadline is on a Sat., Sun., or national holiday, it will be changed to the next business day.

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