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Message from the Mayor

[February 14, 2013]
Tadashi Yamamoto, Mayor of Uji City

Greetings from the 17th mayor of Uji City. My name is Tadashi Yamamoto. I am humbled by the great responsibility of leading Uji, the second largest city in Kyoto prefecture. As an Uji city council member and prefectural assembly member for 25 years, I have been involved in activities based on the opinions and hopes of everyone in our community. I fully intend to use the knowledge and experience I gained during that time and commit myself 100% to working together with all of the citizens of Uji to create a new city.

Uji has a deep history and culture, as the home of Byodo-in Temple and Ujigami Shrine that are both World Heritage sites and the birthplace of premium quality Uji tea. I hope to oversee the next generation carefully assume leadership of Uji, with its history built up over the years by its ancestors, and further develop the city with the participation and cooperation of everyone in our community.

The local government is operating in an extremely difficult environment, with the lingering recession and continuing decline of the birthrate and aging of the population, among other problems. We are endeavoring in great administrative and fiscal reform, based on the concept of local sovereignty, with local issues being governed right here in Uji. I intend to utilize civilian power in management of our city through community participation and cooperation with the goal of building a new Uji.

I will put in every effort the next four years to facilitate the further development of Uji, a city of tradition and history. I look forward to working together with everyone.

Tadashi Yamamoto, Mayor of Uji City

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